lilycoolers_evaporative cooling pads

Evaporative Cellulose Cooling Pads are ideal and most economic method of cooling Evaporative cooling is the process in which air is cooled by using the heat in the air to evaporate the water from an adjacent surface. A temperature reduction of 10 to 20 C can be achieved by passing the hot fresh air through the wetted pads. The amount of cooling depends upon the temperature of ambient incoming air, the thickness of the pad, the geometry of the pad , the air velocity through the pad and the even distribution of water which wets the pads through their height, width and depth. This method of cooling is most effective when the incoming hot air is dry.

Pads Specifications :

7mm Flute Height



High Evaporation Efficiency

Excellent Wetting Properties

No water carry over

Low Scaling

Self Cleaning

Strong & Self Sporting

Low running cost

Quick & Easy to install

Environment Friendly.

Consistent high quality

Best Evaporative Cooling Pad in the Range India